About Us

We are a platform that helps entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, to solve their business growth challenges and scale viably and humanly, with action learning, smart experimentation and visual collaboration.

Viable Human Business

Our logo represents the iterative, infinite, convergent-divergent process that discovers the context and validates the form with experimentation


Explore the human context


Identify and select the strongest driving forces


Visualize and develop different concepts


Implement concepts

Our Mission

Reduce innovation uncertainty and investment risk, one experiment at a time!

Business Design Lab

Combining Strategy with Design Mindset

Our sincere values are key to connecting with real collaborators

We are

Opportunity Explorers

Experiment Lovers

Collaborative Doers

Platform and Skill Builder

Meet Our Team

Our Promise

High Engagement and Contextually Aligned.

Outcome focused interventions that validate real hypotheses.

A professional team to accelerate problem solving and build capabilities.

Our Pre-Covid 19 Clients