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Next batch begins - April 2022

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Certificate Program in Business Model Innovation

In today’s market scenario where Businesses are operating in a complex context, 80% executives feel their current Business Models are at risk. While a majority (84%) agree that innovation is critical for their growth strategy, very few feel satisfied with the innovation performance (Mckinsey Global Innovation Survey, Mckinsey Analysis)

The Certificate Program in Business Model Innovation is an action learning Program delivered in collaboration with Dept. of Entrepreneurship and Management. The Program combines Business Model Design and Experimentation using Design Thinking.

Who will find value in this Program?

Venture Leaders looking to identify growth / scale up opportunities for their business

Business Leaders with an established growth opportunity now trying to understand ‘How’ to modify their business model to tap into the opportunity - Re-design a single or multiple business functions

Product managers who have a product / service idea and want to test it for feasibility and viability before hitting the ‘Go’ button

Strategy professionals who feel the existing methods for insight generation are repeatedly falling short of the ‘Aha!’ moment

Senior Design Professionals looking to bring the business aspect more deeply into designing solutions

BU Heads responsible for aligning their BUs to the Organisation’s vision and strategic goals. Learn how to zoom out and visualise the Orgn. macros then zoom in to align your BU processes (micros) with them.

Innovation and Transformation Managers leading the innovation challenge at their workplace

Managers who intend to learn how to understand their customers better, align business creation with organisational goals and design for Enterprise Entirety.

Program Structure

8-week intensive with 65hrs. of live online sessions

Open office hours for discussion and query solving with facilitators

Classroom learning fortified through weekly assignments

Individual and peer group projects

Mandatory Capstone for completion

Program Journey

  • Week 1

    Program Orientation and Cohort Onboarding

    • Introduction to Business Modeling
    • Understanding the process and mindset
    • Assignment pre-week 2
  • Week 2

    Business Landscape and Opportunity Framing

    • Map Business Context and Explore Trends
    • Discover New Opportunities
    • Prioritize opportunities to pursue
    • Assignment pre-week 3
  • Week 3

    Opportunity & Stakeholders

    • Framing Opportunity Statement
    • Zooming into Target Segments
    • Applying Business Innovation Tactics
    • Assignment pre-week 4
  • Week 4

    Assumption & Testing

    • Determine the Riskiest Assumption
    • Experiment Designing for user discovery & solution validation
    • Assignment pre-week 5
  • Week 5

    User Discovery

    • Leverage Design Mindset to understand your Customer
    • Prepare your User Research Plan and Scripts
    • Assignment pre-week 6
  • Week 6

    Define Opportunities and Ideas

    • Learn how to transform customer data into actionable insights
    • Brainstorm Ideas/solution/concepts
    • Storyboard the idea for clarity
    • Assignments pre-week 7
  • Week 7

    Validation Gameplan

    • Frame hypothesis and decide methods to test them
    • Design User and Market Test Plan
    • Assignments pre-week 8
  • Week 8


    • Demo day
    • Feedback and Way forward

A Week in the BMI Program


Friday & Saturday
3.5Hrs. Classroom sessions


Sunday, Monday & Tuesday
Individual + Team work


Peer group meetup


Weekly assignment due + Performance journaling

Learning Experience

Each opportunity, tactic and innovation will be designed by the participant in their context and tested with their real users/customers. Leveraging BDL’s Library of methods, the participants can build a transient competitive advantage for quick business turnaround or visually design the vision of the venture.

Capstone Projects from the previous batch

  • Opportunity Discovery and Market Validation to launch a New HealthCare Venture in UAE
  • Validating the Product Market for a Retail Trade Marketing Optimizing Platform
  • Design the a new Service Delivery Model for Data Analytic and Hub Platform
  • Transforming customer engagement with data and AI to reduce TCO of large Water Management Systems