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Applied Design Thinking Program to assist problem solvers and innovators to build desirable solutions and viable ventures.

Extreme Adventure Sports takes a DIVE:

A Design Doing Case Study

We took an Action Learning Innovation DIVE with students to solve a business challenge for Extreme Adventure Sports, wanting to leverage their distribution and national retailer network to diversify into everyday sports like swimming, running & cycling.

Adventure Sports DIVE

Let’s DIVE Deep!

Get your hands dirty, build solutions that solve real world problems and business challenges.

From the early stage innovators, idea enthusiasts to the wannabe unicorns, DIVE is relevant for every phase of the venture.

Salient Features

Bring DIVE to your community, institution, and organisation.

Partner with us for

  • Designing Innovation Sprints & Events on industry and social challenges
  • Launching Awareness and Advanced Certificate Programs
  • Blending Action Learning Labs into existing academic, incubation and acceleration programs
  • Validating Business Models and Product Market Fit
  • Co-piloting Business Acceleration and Transformation Programs
  • Building Intrapreneurial and Leadership Talent
  • Collaborating with Startups and Open Innovation Program
Let's Design your DIVE

A Design Doing Example to understand how we do what we do!

HealthPlates Case:

Are you a working professional trying to eat healthy, don’t have time to shop/cook a meal and would rather order a healthy meal online? Here’s an interesting example of Design doing solving an innovation challenge to help busy professionals eat healthy. You might just find a product idea of making meal kits mapped to the Design thinking process.

Access the HealthPlates Innovation Story

Success Story