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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It is an accelerated problem-solving approach, centered around a specific business problem or challenge and the team supported by experts, coaches or mentors. Learn more at

An Action-Learning Lab helps teams get from problem to solution quickly and optimally.

A Lab comprises of action-learning sessions, in other words it’s a workout. Each Lab has 4 sessions of approx. 3 hours each.

A Workshop is a short duration intensive activity and discussion-based course. A standard Workshop runs for approx. 16 hours spread over 3-4 days virtually or 2 days in-person.

A Program consists of a combination of select Lab Workouts and Workshops targeted to achieving a defined objective + outcome. It consists of conceptual sessions, case study discussions and application exercises. The Program may also include innovation events, mentor conversations and other contextually required activities.

We use Video collaboration tools like Zoom/Meet/Teams along with Digital collaboration boards like Mural/Miro.

To get the best outcomes, participants must have a professional grade laptop/PC, high speed internet connectivity (>=40Mbps), a quiet workspace and ability to be on a video conversation throughout the session/s.

Currently, we do not offer Open Programs or Labs. We work with Partner Cohorts or a Project Team of minimum 5-8 participants. We encourage you to build and book your own team Lab Workout, to get the best experience.

Go through the pre-requisite materials provided, complete any pre-activities and set up and test your workspace for success.

Our Facilitator engages participants in understanding concepts and methods, through stories, expertise and practice rounds. Teams also share and discuss their work and application to get feedback and insights.

Participants along with their team members apply the learnings to their own challenges and perform field implementation. Peer group meetings are organized by the teams themselves using virtual collaboration tools, for reflection and critique.

Participants are provided with digital resources like learning guides and templates. They also get access to our digital resource center of examples, methods and other reference material. Post Lab or Program, teams can access our on-demand pool of industry specific mentors.

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