Solve your Business Challenge
or those of your clients

Lab is a central repository of all the methods, tools and tactics we use to design growth solutions for our partners.

What does the Lab hold

  • A Library of methods and tactics on DT, User Research, Business Innovation and Experimentation, developed through the collective experience of facilitators and founders of BDL.
  • 250+ ready-to-use templates for a range of scenarios - Brand Design, Challenge Framing, Forming Insights, Strategy Maps, Business modelling, User flow and more
  • Virtual collaboration white boards from Mural and Miro

You can

Solve your Business Challenge

Identify and define your Growth Challenge i.e. your Fit and use the carefully curated Library of methods to design a solution

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Facilitate a Client

Use the Lab resources to facilitate a client in their challenge resolution (for BDL Professional VCLs and Certified Master Facilitators)

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Learn How To

Leverage our Lab resources for Virtual Facilitation

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Find your Fit

The Lab Experience



Virtual boards to collaborate visually, build models, with ready to use frameworks, methods and your imagination.

Digital Library

An equipped resource centre with real-life case examples, innovation and business design methods, various tools and templates.

Pracademic Facilitators

Industry practitioners and consultants who work together with you to achieve outcomes.

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The Library is a resource centre with Business Design methods, real-life case examples, innovation tools and templates. These authoritative and adaptable resources have been developed through the collective experience of facilitators and founders of BDL.

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