Quest-Navigate Complexity and Discover Opportunities

A leadership off-site to have those crucial conversations, co-create and accelerate business growth

A contextualised leadership team program that facilitates leadership teams to have crucial conversation and make conscious choices together to discover and frame responses to:

Business Challenges of:

  • Identifying Growth Opportunities in VUCA times
  • Strategies to build superior Business Models
  • Deciding on small Educated Bets and Business Experiments
  • Building Leadership Capability to sustain Growth and Scale-up

“When the going gets tough, the smart take a different route!”

Co-Design your off-site agenda and outcomes

Our Approach

We contextualize our engagement to your business challenge and organisation culture

  • 1

    Challenge Framing

    We start off with a 90-minute virtual conversation, understand your current business context, situation and challenges. This also preps up the expedition leaders to design your off-site outcomes and duration.

  • 2

    Virtual On-Boarding and Team Kick-Off

    We will spend 2~3 hours together, experiencing the virtual space, engaging in activities to set the context for our QUEST. During the session, we will build the current Business Model for a specific segment (the starting point of the off-site), and identify its challenges and constraints.

  • 3

    Plan the agenda and prepare the script.

    The program is designed as multiple sessions spread over a few weeks or as a day or two long events. Each outcome typically takes 2~3 virtual hours and in a virtual WFH medium we don’t do more than 6 hours in a day.

    Let’s Frame your Challenge

Is it all serious?

We are glad you asked. We have various virtual team bonding games, evening campfire activities, expert chats, fun theatre, art and music-based group engagement to make this an exciting e-outing.

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