Leadership Off-site to
Discover Opportunities


Quest is a contextually designed Program for the Leadership team of a Business unit or Organisation.

The Program facilitates conversations, brainstorming and alignment to make conscious Business choices together.

The virtual Off-site is designed to help Leadership Teams

  • Identify growth opportunities in VUCA times
  • Strategize and build superior Business models
  • Decide on small educated bets and Business experiments
  • Build Leadership capability to sustain growth and scale-up initiatives

Program Journey

  • Discuss the changing Context and map the Business Landscape

    Map the Business Landscape, share what has changed and its impact on the Organisation. Explore the drivers of innovation in your market.

  • Identify and Prioritize Market Opportunities

    Explore the trends and opportunities that can shape your Business. Prioritise for investment focus

  • Conscious conversations and Decision Jams

    Review existing structures, processes to identify changes required for the new landscape. Make conscious choices for creating your Competitive Advantage

  • Pick your Tools for the Off-site

    Pick your Tools for the Off-site

  • Prioritize assumptions and Plan experiments

    Articulate assumptions, frame hypotheses and choose experiment methods to falsify them. These are low fidelity experiments that can be performed in a short time and with minimal cost.

Is it all serious?

We are glad you asked. We have various virtual team bonding games, evening campfire activities, expert chats, fun theatre, art and music-based group engagement to make this an exciting e-outing.