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Next batch begins - March, 2022

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Virtual Co-Creation Leadership Program (VCL) is a 6-week Action Learning Program to help you Build Facilitative Leadership Skills and Master Visual Collaboration Tools. Learn how to design a session for high engagement, ideation and true collaboration.

  • Discover the methods and tools that facilitate Virtual working
  • Proven techniques to overcome inertia and bring the team together
  • Get the creative approach to getting unstuck during ideation
  • Structure and guide meetings that deliver clear to-do's when the bell goes off
  • Realise the potential of virtual collaboration for effective Virtual and Hybrid working

Who will find value in this Program?

  • Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs
  • Product Managers
  • Designers and Creators
  • Innovation Managers and Consultants
  • Transformation and Change Drivers
  • Community Builders

VCL Program Structure

6-week Practitioner program (+2 wks for Professional)

Practical hands-on action learning through weekly assignments, individual and peer group projects

1 session / week held over the weekend

Each session is for 4 hours - 1hr. module webinar + 3hr. live classroom session

Program Journey

  • Week 1


    • Introduction
    • What is co-creation and when do you need it?
    • Challenges and obstacles
    • Tools for virtual co-creation

    “I know what stops me from being a Co-creation leader. I can recognize opportunities at work where I can make a difference”.

  • Week 2

    Lead Stakeholder Alignment

    • Articulate the challenge
    • How to design and facilitate stakeholder alignment
    • Engagement Strategy

    “I want to try different ways of working in my environment and run co-creation sessions”.

  • Week 3

    Project / Design Team Lift-off

    • Project Canvas
    • Design your project for lift off session
    • Create communication plan
    • Share your Design and Coms plan

    “I feel curious to initiate different ways of working and run some co-creation sessions. There are several options I can try. And I know whom to engage with and how to make it happen”.

  • Week 4

    From Problem to Opportunity

    • Choose your Project obstacle / Risk
    • Group work on problem framing
    • Brainstorming and Prioritizing
    • Experience Sharing

    “I know what type of co-creation sessions I can design and I know how to design them. (Getting people unstuck, starting something new, generating ideas, and making group decisions)”.

  • Week 5

    Design your session

    • Decide on your session purpose
    • Work with templates on your common board
    • Design your session
    • Open discussion

    “I know how to plan for time and tools”.

  • Week 6

    Facilitate your session

    • Prepare a 20min. brainstorming session plan
    • Run the session in groups
    • Discussion on how to prepare an agenda for facilitating a semi large group (20+ participants)

    “I can design and facilitate a 20min. co-creation session with confidence”.